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Dear Friend,

Welcome to my website! Here, you'll find information about me and my campaign, an extensive list of community resources, a survey to tell me about your experience, and ways to get more involved in my campaign. I'm excited to hear from you about the ways we can work together to strengthen our community and better respond to the needs of our residents.

I believe the City of Chesapeake is a dynamic city powered by its diverse talented workforce, and countless tangible and intangible resources that make it Virginia’s second-most-populous city. The strong municipal leadership and government enrich our city with top-ranked schools, strong public safety, state-of-the-art recreational facilities,

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and a robust system of social services equipped to respond to the unique blend of rural and urban areas. While living in Chesapeake, it has been my honor to serve the community, mentor the next generation, and gather the resources to make a positive and lasting impact on the community around me. I am eager to combine my years of professional and personal experience on the frontlines and collaborating with the people of Chesapeake to foster strong and faithful governance within our city.

I know there’s tough work ahead, but I believe in this city. I believe with compassion, integrity, transparency, and authenticity, I can work with the residents of Chesapeake to lead an effective and honest campaign that puts People Above Politics and elevates the voices of our community.

I hope you'll feel free to reach out to me at or 757-816-3371 if I can ever be helpful to you and your family, and I hope to earn your vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. 



My Guiding Values

I believe everyone who is currently serving and running for city council in our great city wants clean, safe streets, well-resourced schools, and a less stressful commute. That's why I've developed a list of guiding values that will inform my campaign, and if elected, my work as your city councilwoman. 

1. Service-Driven Leadership - putting you and your family's interest above politics by building strong relationships with city staff, community leaders, and elected officials at every level to help resolve your issues and find innovative solutions for the challenges we face as a city

2. Integrity - saying what I mean and meaning what I say

3. Accessibility - making myself available to listen to your concerns and directing you to services/governmental offices where appropriate, as well as ensuring you're aware of important city developments, events, and resources

4. Transparency - communicating with you about my votes and the workings of city government in plain English so you can better understand the council's decisions and how they affect your household and our greater community

5. Fiscal Responsibility - being a good steward of your hard-earned tax dollars when evaluating city contracts and implementing programs 


I'm so proud of the high quality services we offer our residents. Please click here to find an extensive list of city department and non-profit resources you can call to get assistance with child care, adult services, parenting classes, smoking cessation, and a wide variety of other programs to serve you and your family at every life stage. 

Community Survey

I want to hear from you about your experience and how we can build a stronger Chesapeake. I hope you'll take a moment to fill out this survey and tell me your thoughts about city services and how you're doing.

Would you like to be connected to a goverment office or other resources?

Get Involved

I would love for you to be a part of our campaign to put people above politics! I would be honored to have your help reaching out to Chesapeake voters.

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